Individualist Anarchism

While individualist anarchism is a rather broad term, as their are many subcategories to it, I have found a definition, taken from , that sums up inidividualist anarchism as a category rather nicely:

“Individualist anarchism is any philosophy that opposes the compulsory
subservience of the individual to all authority external to himself, whether
this authority takes the form of another individual or social collectivities,
such as states, nations, communities, majorities, races or social classes”

You can see why I oppose the military, supporting the philosophy that I do.  And as for the other types of individualist anarchism, I don’t use further labels, as my beliefs don’t fit perfectly into any subcategory. Two important types, how, I will mention, due to their importance in individualist anarchist thought, philosophical anarchism, and egoist anarchism (both of which have influenced me alot) Philosophical anarchism, in the mot basic sense, is the belief that the state lacks legitimacy, and thus shouldn’t exist. Egoist anarchism, in it’s most basic sense, is the belief that no individual should have to submit to any authority, not only seeking to destroy the state, but society is well. This, plus a belief in “Might is Right” could be considered a condensed description of egoist anarchism.


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