Posted: June 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

One thing that I hate the most is when Individualist Anarchists are automatically assumed to be Anarcho-capitalists! This is often not the case, and it isn’t with me. I am very much a socialist, after all capitalism does create a hierarchy of sorts. Refer to the definition of Individualist Anarchism that I have elsewhere on the blog:

“Individualist anarchism is any philosophy that opposes the compulsory
subservience of the individual to all authority external to himself, whether
this authority takes the form of another individual or social collectivities,
such as states, nations, communities, majorities, races or social classes”

Therefore, a corporation run by capitalists, or a social class, which is a creation of capitalism, would be opposed by individualist Anarchism. but not the Anarcho-capitalist. Indeed, anarcho-capitalism amounts to a privatized state, which is a scary scene. Take this quote from a website ( which describes the beliefs of Benjamin Tucker, an early individualist anarchist :

“Benjamin Tucker, a 19th Century individualist anarchist, and perhaps the most famous individualist anarchist of all, at one point, thought that not only ownership of land, but also all rent, business profits, and interest were wrong, and their victims should never be compelled to pay any of these, unless it was their choosing. He even thought that workers, renters, and lendees, who had once voluntarily agreed to respect these capitalist institutions, should later be able to go back and seek compensation for the wrongs done to them.”

I must say, I agree very much with that statement. I would also say that capitalism itself is a doomed system, and that it is better that it is overthrown. In this way, I do not separate myself from revolutionary socialists in any sense. ( I am also influenced by Marx)


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