Subversive Action: What YOU can do!!

Posted: June 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ok, so there are many actions and such that the establishment would label “subversive,” but just what is most effective? Here I will put a short list of what, in MY OPINION, is the most effective tool against the system:

Direct Action: By far the most effective. It is directly opposing the system, through riots, demostrations, and *ahem* more “radical” means.

Use of Subversive Intelligence: Knowledge is power. Know of any police brutality that went down in your town? Report it to the media! Document it as well as you can! Get the pig fired! Know of any military personnel who’ve abused their power? Expose it! Corruption in government? Expose it!! Be sure to back up your facts, so when the government comes up with an excuse, it’ll be obvious it’s bullshit.

Propaganda: Related to the above, only this can be less truthful. However, when dealing with “partial truths,” be sure to make it convincing, and make the message simple. For this, I’ll let the Army teach you: this Army manual will teach you about propaganda.

Well, hope this helps so far. Stay tuned, more will be added.


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