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One thing that I hate the most is when Individualist Anarchists are automatically assumed to be Anarcho-capitalists! This is often not the case, and it isn’t with me. I am very much a socialist, after all capitalism does create a hierarchy of sorts. Refer to the definition of Individualist Anarchism that I have elsewhere on the blog:

“Individualist anarchism is any philosophy that opposes the compulsory
subservience of the individual to all authority external to himself, whether
this authority takes the form of another individual or social collectivities,
such as states, nations, communities, majorities, races or social classes”

Therefore, a corporation run by capitalists, or a social class, which is a creation of capitalism, would be opposed by individualist Anarchism. but not the Anarcho-capitalist. Indeed, anarcho-capitalism amounts to a privatized state, which is a scary scene. Take this quote from a website ( which describes the beliefs of Benjamin Tucker, an early individualist anarchist :

“Benjamin Tucker, a 19th Century individualist anarchist, and perhaps the most famous individualist anarchist of all, at one point, thought that not only ownership of land, but also all rent, business profits, and interest were wrong, and their victims should never be compelled to pay any of these, unless it was their choosing. He even thought that workers, renters, and lendees, who had once voluntarily agreed to respect these capitalist institutions, should later be able to go back and seek compensation for the wrongs done to them.”

I must say, I agree very much with that statement. I would also say that capitalism itself is a doomed system, and that it is better that it is overthrown. In this way, I do not separate myself from revolutionary socialists in any sense. ( I am also influenced by Marx)

Ok, so I usually don’t do a special thing for links, but this link is important to me:

It deals directly with the military, but also advocates National Anarchism, which has somewhat influenced my eclectic individual anarchism.

Ok, so there are many actions and such that the establishment would label “subversive,” but just what is most effective? Here I will put a short list of what, in MY OPINION, is the most effective tool against the system:

Direct Action: By far the most effective. It is directly opposing the system, through riots, demostrations, and *ahem* more “radical” means.

Use of Subversive Intelligence: Knowledge is power. Know of any police brutality that went down in your town? Report it to the media! Document it as well as you can! Get the pig fired! Know of any military personnel who’ve abused their power? Expose it! Corruption in government? Expose it!! Be sure to back up your facts, so when the government comes up with an excuse, it’ll be obvious it’s bullshit.

Propaganda: Related to the above, only this can be less truthful. However, when dealing with “partial truths,” be sure to make it convincing, and make the message simple. For this, I’ll let the Army teach you: this Army manual will teach you about propaganda.

Well, hope this helps so far. Stay tuned, more will be added.

A Must Read

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A list of the top ten secrets the US Government was keeping from it’s citizens, soldiers, and the world. PFC. Manning exposed the truth, the least you can do is read some of it.

Military Law

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For all of you who didn’t know it, and maybe are even considering joining, let me tell you about what the military calls the “Uniform Code of Military Justice.” (UCMJ) This is Military Law, and it is much more restrictive, and often absurd. A fitting example would be Article 134, under which servicemembers can be prosecuted for adultrey, and here are the guidelines for it:

be proven to have committed a physical act

one or both parties to the act were married at the time to another person and

that the act of adultery had a negative impact on the military such as fraternization between officers and enlisted or other such conduct unbecoming an officer.

Pretty crazy, huh? Not as crazy as Article 125 of the UCMJ, banning Sodomy:

a) Any person subject to this chapter who engages in unnatural carnal copulation with another person of the same or opposite sex or with an animal is guilty of sodomy. Penetration , however slight, is sufficient to complete the offense.

(b) Any person found guilty of sodomy shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

Military =/= Freedom

This is the blog of an unnamed soldier in the US Army (myself) who, after having joined the Army as a young conservative and nationalist, have since experienced a significant change of perspective which has led me to become an individualist anarchist. I have renounced dogma, authority, government, etc. All of these things get in the way of personal freedom and self development.

This blog shall serve as a corner of the web for individualist anarchism and all others who oppose the military, for whatever reason.